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Sophie Green 

United Kingdom

Sophie is a social documentary and art photographer based in London. Her works largely explore aspects of British culture and rarely-documented communities and subcultures. Curious to push the boundaries of traditional social documentary practice - she like to play with a balance of spontaneous documentary realism combined with stylised constructions. Merging portraiture and still life images.

The front cover features portrait of couple Lottie & Teagan kissing. This image was originally shot as a campaign for the jewellery brand

“The world around us can feel increasingly negative but I believe there is so much opportunity to share positive human stories in unexpected places. Greens work explore heritage, traditions and idiosyncrasies of marginalised parts of British society to try to reveal the beauty within them. Her hope is that her work encourages a positive connection and understanding between the viewer and the subjects. Her photos are instantaneous moments that capture physical displays of identity, the bond and spirit within a community, a positive side of living and expression of life and who we are. 

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