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Jasmin Mittag


Jasmin is an activist and artist who loves to combine activism and art. The goal of her work is to inspire people to deal with current socially relevant topics such as conscious consumption, minimalism, equal opportunities and feminism. To do this, she varies between a range of delivery formats such as campaigns, exhibitions, workshops and podcast shows.

She also works as a consultant and supports institutions and companies in the creation of concepts, communication measures and media. 

Skärmavbild 2022-04-27 kl. 14.50.20.png

Spacecraft in a V-shape

The first spacecraft in a V-shape is not only a symbol for more diversity in space, but also state-of-the-art and thus more sustainable. The ‘Vulva Spaceship’ designed by WBF Aeronautics represents inclusivity through varying traditional shape forms. Thus, the project adds another dimension to the representation of humanity in space and demonstrates that anyone has a place in the universe, regardless of physical characteristics. Dr. Lucia Hartmann, Head of WBF Aeronautics, and inventor of the ‘Vulva Spaceship’ reports from her research: “The spaceship’s shape is surprisingly aerodynamic, creating way less drag when the vehicle punches through the Earth’s atmosphere. Due to this optimized V-shape, it guarantees maximum fuel efficiency with an exterior made of reinforced carbon which enables it to withstand the most extreme temperatures.” WBF Aeronautics wants to inspire space travel to be open to modern forms and to realize equal opportunities across the universe.

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