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The air we breathe affects us all and clean air isn’t a given; not in Sweden, nor in other parts of the world.
Did you know

99% of the earth population live in areas with poor air quality 

(source: WHO)

8 million people per year die prematurely of cases related to air pollution

There is a clear link between bad air and Parkinson´s, Alzheimer´s and similar dementia diseases

‘The Breath’ exhibition is about the importance of breath. Breathing is the prerequisite for life and as human beings we take between 12 and 20 breaths every minute; 8 million breaths every year; and about 600 million breaths during our lifetime. The exhibition presents Swedish and international photographers, artists, researchers and activists and showcases photographic works based on the importance of breath and the air we breathe.


​​The air we breathe is a source of life and recreation. It’s a scarce resource that we need to take care of. ‘The Breath’ photo exhibition, aimed at both adults and younger generations, raises awareness and provokes discussion about clean and polluted air.

​‘The Breath’ is curated by Veronica Wiman and is a collaboration between Dunkers Kulturhus and Nederman Group, and presented in the framework of H22.

When: May 30th until mid August 2022

Where: Starts at the corner of  Kungsgatan/Tullaregaten, right by Dunkers kulturhus in Helsingborg, Sweden

Art for a better world

"With ‘The Breath’ exhibition. we hope to create awareness about the air we breathe.

We believe art gives inspiration, new ideas and enhances creative thinking.

We also believe in free thinking. As an example, we have supported the worldwide street art festival ‘PowWow’ with a mural painting by the Italian artist Fabio Petani on one of the exterior walls at our office in Helsingborg. Art and a free mind is important. I hope we can inspire new ways of thinking to make a change for the better."

​​​​​Sven Kristensson, Nederman President & CEO

Engineering for a better life

Nederman is an environmental technology company and our role is to make life better

by creating great products, solutions & services that protect people, planet and

production from harmful effects of industrial processes. We believe in

enlightened employees, collaboration and cross-pollination in our

organisation, which allow us to act proactively and innovate

our offer and business model in a way that others cannot. 

We are the Clean Air Company

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